Commercial Painting

Your busniess deserves a new paint job, so call us today at 123-456-7890 for a free estimate!

When it comes to commercian painting, Home Paints has got you covered. We specialize in exterior painting, interior painting, and door and window painting. 
The physical appearance of your business is what clients will remember, so it's important for that impression to be a good one. Our team can provide your business with a fresh look that will stand the test of time, and let your customers know that your services are just as excellent as your new paint job. 
Chances are, customers are more likley to visit a business that they enjoy being around and inside of, and this preferance can help build you client base. By allowing us at Home Paints to give your business the sprucing up it deserves, you are letting those you serve know that you care about their needs.
Your staff will be just as excited for a new paint job as your customers, as they spend a lot of their time in your business and a color change really can affect morale for the better. Let your staff know that you value them by making their place of business that much more attractive. 

Commercial properties we serve

At Marinho LLC, we have extensive experience working with commercial buildings. Here are some of the places we are the experts when it comes to painting. Please note, this list is likely extended and you can contact us today to see if we can service your commercial building: 

Our services at Home Paints extend to many different commercial buildings. Our staff are expertly trained in interior and exterior painting, and we understand how important it is that your business look good. We offer our services including but not limited to the following buildings:

- restaurants 
- gyms and fitness centers
- small business office
- industrial buildings 
- schools and education centers 
- shops and retail stores
- government and municipality centers
For a full list of the buildings we serve, contact us today at 123-456-7890. We are proud to provide service to the majority of the state, and look forward to serving you!