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Your kitchen is somewhere that is visited fairly regularly throughout the day (and sometimes the night), so why not make it somewhere everyone can enjoy? Home Paints is home to leading experts in painting surfaces including but not limited to kitchen dividers, floors, cupboards, and of course walls. We look forward to helping you enjoy your kitchen a bit more with some fresh paint!
Painting your kitchen may not seem like a big deal, but the color of the room is very impactful. Instead of getting the expensive redesign and renovation of your kitchen, and instead allow us to give it new life with a fresh coat of paint! A new color can make even the most adverse kitchen feel welcoming.
Need Ideas? There are lots of ways paint can make your kitchen more enjoyable, so consider the following!
Writing slate paint: Slate paint, also known as blackboard paint, is a great way to make your kitchen more interactive. You could write down shopping lists, dinner plans, or leave doodles for your loved ones! Additionally, this kind of paint can be a great way to keep the little ones out from under your feet while you cook.
Glass fronts: For a more complex feel, use glass fronts to get diffent hues and feels. Paint the inside of your cupboards with a dark green or blue, and the outside a seafoam, and you create a deeper look.
Basic shading change: For a simple and inexpensive method of changing your kitchen's look, consider changing only the hues of your cupboards! This will change how the colors interact and provide you with a fresh new look.
Spruce up existing hues: Is your kitchen already the colors you want? That's fine! Our team can expertly color match to get your space looking as new as the day you moved in with a fresh coat of the same color. 
Home Paints offers affordable pricing for quality service, so that you can be sure that you're getting the best work at the best price, and enjoy an expertly applied new paint job without it costing you an arm and a leg. 
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Our Painting Process

Simple is sometimes better, and that is the case with our work. Our painting process has been streamlined to suit the needs of our customers so that they recieve only the best results and customer care. To see why we are so renowned for our services, consider the following chart. 

We understand your needs

We are a business made of people, and strive to connect with our customers on a personal level. We understand your needs as a homeowner, and are happy to listen to your ideas and provide you with an estimate for your project. After that, you will be paired with a contractor to move the process along. 

We inspect your property

Scheduling an appointment for one of our specialists to visit your property is the next step in the process after speaking with one of our representatives. This visit will include a property inspection so that we can better assess your project, and an educated estimate for the project's costs. Our estimating contractor exhibits the same level of professionalism you can expect from the rest of our team.

We have the best painting service in  

Home Paints is a clear leader in the field, as can be seen in our work and in our several glowing reviews. We are dedicated to providing superb service at an affordable price, so contact us today for your free estimate!