After you choose us for your painting services, we'll be sure to call you before the project start date to discuss a few key details:

Paint color and any specific details,
Removal of all valuables, pictures, fragile items and any shelves from the area being painted,
Finding a place for your pets to be out of the way and comfortable while painting is being done,
Any questions you may have about the painting process and project, and
An email confirming date of job.
Our experts will conduct a thorough walkthrough before starting the project to evaluate the area and ensure your home is ready for the job, including:

Covering the floors,
Moving and covering the furniture,
Filling holes and cracks in the walls,
Repairing drywall and finish,
Removing any wallpaper, and
Window caulking.


Picking the best color for your space can be a daunting task, but our professionals are color experts and are readily available to help you find the perfect colors for your home!

Our team can provide expert advice on color schemes and the paint colors that may best suit your furniture, while providing you with information on interior house paint.


When choosing a color scheme or palatte for your home, there are some points to consider regarding how colors work together:

Monochromatic colors - monochrome is a classic scheme, and is composed of several iterations of one hue with different saturation and value, such as pink, red and maroon. 
Analogous colors - for a more harmonious feel, this theme includes several colors from a similar range, such as green, blue-green and blue.
Complementary colors - this theme features comtrasting colors, on opposite sides of the color wheel. for example, red and green, or yellow and purple. This theme is a bit more dramatic, especially when the colors are at full saturation. 


Before we even bring out the paint buckets, you'll recieve a comprehensive outline of our services at Home Paints required for the job you desire. This outline will include itemized costs so that you are able to see each expense in black and white, with no hidden costs or fees. Transparency is part of our excellent customer service. 


Ensuring our customer's satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, and that's why we make sure to always do a final walkthrough of the space with you immediately following the completion of our job. As soon as you confirm your satisfaction, we issue a complete clean up of our materials and the area, and call you the next day to verify your continued contentment. 


For your free, no strings attached estimate on your interior painting job, contact us today!