Residential Services 

Though our services are that of a traditional painting company, our team is highly knowledgeable about many aspects of a home. We work with local contractors known for their quality and reliability to ensure our customers recieve the services they require. 

Interior Painting

Your home is somewhere you should feel comfortable in, and a fresh coat of interior paint could be exactly the thing to make your home more inviting. Primer is applied to the walls first, followed by several layers of paint to guarantee a longer-lasting and higher quality job. Call today to get an estimate regarding your interior!



Gutters are an important part of a home, though they are susceptible to becoming blocked by debris. While you could risk the dangerous task of attempting to clean them yourself, why not call a reliable and reputable company like Home Paints to do it for you? Our team arrives equipped with professional ladders, so that the job is significanly less dangerous while you get your gutters unclogged at an affordable price.


Pressure Washing Services

Home Paints recognizes that some household upkeep may not be very high on on the prioroty list, especially when that upkeep requires specialized tools. That's why our team offers affordable and comprehensive pressure washing services for practically any surface in  and surrounding areas! Our services also grants the homeowner access to our professional equipment, and you don't even have to pay for the material. Our team brings all the essential tools, and you get to see how effective pressure washing is at renewing your home's beauty. 


Roof Cleaning Services

We may not think about out roof very often as it's not exactly eye-level, but maintaining your roof is imperitive to a safe an attractive home! Our team at Home Paints is ready to provde you with the best roof cleaning services in the area, at no risk to you. Our services are afforable and the highest quality, so you can rest easy knowing your roof is getting the care it needs. For a free estimate, click the button below and start your journey towards a cleaner and safer roof. 


Drywall & Taping

The drywall and taping process is one that is necessary in most if not all home renovation, and should be taken care of by a professional. Let our team do the heavy lifting for you, so that you can focus on the more important things in your personal life in . Drywall and taping is something that must be taken care of before applying the paint of your dreams, so give us a call today, or click the buttom for an estimate. 


Deck Painting & Staining

As if our plethora of other services wasn't enough, our team also offers deck painting, refinishing and staining! Home Paints has remodeled over 300 decks, and therefore has a unique and applicable understanding of how important it is for you to feel comfortable on your deck, especially during the warmer months. Give yourself and your family somewhere to enjoy outdoors; contact us today to get started on your dream deck.